Stipe Miocic Net Worth

Stipe Miocic came from a middle-class home where he saw his mother struggle to make ends meet, but fate had other plans for him. He was naturally athletic since boyhood, but he never saw himself as a wrestler. Stipe Miocic is now a well-known professional mixed martial artist with a fortune in the millions.

Stipe Miocic Net Worth
Stipe Miocic Net Worth

Early Life

On August 19, 1982, Stipe Miocic was born to Kathy Miocic and Bojan Mioi. Miocic had to face the unpleasant reality of his parents’ divorce when he was three years old, with his father returning to his native Croatia. Following that, Miocic had a difficult childhood, during which his mother worked tirelessly to provide him with the best possible upbringing. Miocic has acknowledged in interviews that his mother is the source of his inspiration and the secret to his success. Miocic attended Eastlake North High School, although he was more interested in athletics than academics, including baseball, basketball, wrestling, and even football. Despite his athletic abilities, he aspired to be a fire-fighter and travelled to the Cleveland Fire Department in 2010 to train for 18 months before joining the force as a paramedic. He decided to participate in local Ohio MMA organizations by happenstance, and he won five knockouts. This victory inspired Miocic to pursue MMA more actively, despite his decision to work part-time as a firefighter-paramedic.


Stipe Miocic made a career out of something that seemed like a fluke at first. In 2011, he won the NAAFS Heavyweight Championship and was quickly spotted by UFC officials. In June of that year, he was signed by UFC. In October 2011, he fought Joey Beltran in his first bout, which he put in a lot of work for and won by an anonymous decision after a close fight. Four months after his first UFC victory in February 2012, he faced Phil De Fries for the second time. Stipe Miocic astonished the crowd by knocking out Phil in the first round, despite being the superior opponent. He won the ‘Knockout of the Night’ award, making him a household name in the MMA world. Even the following UFC saw him steal a victory over Shane Del Rosario. But Stefan Struve defeated him in the next UFC, albeit it wasn’t all bad because the judges gave both of them the “Fight of the Night” award for the fight’s ferocity. He extended his UFC dominance by defeating Roy Nelson, Gabriel Gonzaga, and Fabio Daldonado. Stipe won his next two fights, against Roy Nelson and Gabriel Gonzaga, by unanimous decision. In a May 2014 fight against Fabio Daldonado, Stipe rained punches after punches on his opponent, winning the fight in the first round in just a few minutes. For that bout, he also received the ‘Performance of the Night’ bonus. However, in December 2014, he fell to Junior dos Santos in a grueling match, losing but receiving the ‘Fight of the Night’ award. However, this setback was short-lived, as in May 2015, Stipe Miocic set a new record by defeating Mark Hunt with a stunning score of 361-48. The victories over Andrei Arlovski in January 2016, Fabricio Werdum in May 2016, and Alistair Overeem in September 2011 were followed by victories over Andrei Arlovski in January 2016, Fabricio Werdum in May 2016, and Alistair Overeem in September 2011.


In 2013, Stipe Miocic met Ryan Marie Carney through a mutual acquaintance who is a fireman. She was a nurse, as well as a hairstylist and cosmetology instructor, and their shared interest in saving others and doing good brought them closer together. Stipe Miocic married Ryan Marie Carney on June 18, 2016, after dating for three and a half years. The couple has been open about their relationship since they first started dating, and their social media posts plainly show that their bond is strong. On July 25, 2018, after two years of marriage, they welcomed their daughter Meelah Claire Miocic. Ryan, unlike many other famous wives, has been very open about her relationship with Stipe. She often provides honest interviews in which she expresses her views on her husband’s job. She is also a regular spectator at her husband’s fights, where she is the most energized in the audience, cheering him on.

Physical Appearance

Stipe Miocic, who was born on August 19, 1982, is 39 years old today, February 21, 2022. He stands 1.95 meters tall and weighs 111 kilograms.

Net Worth

Stipe Miocic’s main source of income is MMA championships and battles. He earns a lump sum from these fights and titles, but he also works part-time as a firefighter-paramedic. Stipe Miocic’s net worth is believed to be $5 million as of February 2022, despite the fact that his pay from his part-time job has not been made public. He’ll be making a lot more money till he announces his official retirement from MMA. Stipe Miocic owns a spacious four-bedroom villa in North Royalton, Ohio. He paid $460,000 for this property, which sits on three acres of land. After defeating defending champion Alistair Overeem, he purchased this home.