Steve Ballmer Net Worth

Steve Ballmer is a well-known American businessman and the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association. He is also a philanthropist and an investor, as well as the former CEO of Microsoft. He became the president of Microsoft in 1998. During his time at the company, he tripled revenues and doubled earnings. Ballmer took over as the formal owner of the Los Angeles Clippers in 2014.

Steve Ballmer Net Worth
Steve Ballmer Net Worth

Early Life

Steven Anthony Ballmer was born in Detroit, Michigan, to Frederic Henry Ballmer and Beatrice Dworkin on March 24, 1956. He was born in Farmington Hills, Michigan, and reared there. He graduated from Detroit Country Day School with honors as valedictorian. He graduated from Harvard University with a bachelor’s degree in economics and applied mathematics in 1977. He was the manager of the Harvard Crimson football team during his collegiate years. Later, he enrolled in the Stanford Graduate School of Business but soon dropped out.


After graduating from Harvard University, Steve Ballmer worked as an associate product manager for Procter & Gamble. After two years on the job, he decided to leave. He left out of Stanford Graduate School of Business in 1980 to work for Microsoft. When the company was incorporated in 1981, he owned 8% of the stock. He sold his $955 million worth of shares in 2003, reducing his ownership to 4%. He was named executive vice president of sales and support at Microsoft in 1992. He was a part of the company’s development of the NET Framework. Ballmer was the President of Microsoft from 1998 until 2001. In the year 2000, he was appointed as the company’s CEO. Microsoft’s sales increased from $25 billion to $70 billion during his tenure as CEO. In 2014, he stepped down as CEO. Steve Ballmer was the director and general partner of Accenture from 2001 to 2006. In 2012, he invested in Chris R. Hansen’s plan to build a new arena. He paid $2 billion for the Los Angeles Clippers in 2014. He has forbidden his team from utilizing Apple products since becoming ownership. He also forbids his family members from using iPhones. In 2011, French President Nicolas Sarkozy awarded Steve Ballmer the title of Knight of the Legion of Honor. He was selected Media Person of the Year at the 2009 Cannes International Advertising Festival. In 2008, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America awarded him the Champion of Youth Award. In 2015, he was also recognized by the Los Angeles Police Foundation.


Steve Ballmer and Connie Synder married in 1990. Sam Ballmer, Peter Ballmer, and Aaron Ballmer are the couple’s three sons. Ballmer has donated millions to numerous charities as a philanthropist. His family gave $50 million to the University of Oregon in 2014. He and Bill Gates contributed $10 million to Harvard University in 1994. He established the non-profit organization in 2017. He leads the Jewish National Fund as its chairman.

Physical Appearance

Steve Ballmer, who was born on March 24, 1956, is 65 years old today, February 25, 2022. He stands 1.96 meters tall and weighs 82 kilograms.

Net Worth

Steve Ballmer’s net worth is predicted to be more than $56 billion as of February 2022. His good fortune stems from his successful business career. He has held a number of key positions at Microsoft. He is the 21st richest person on the planet. He is also the owner of the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers and a partner of Accenture SCA. In 2009, he earned $1,276,627 in total salary. He was one of the highest-paid people on the planet. Steve Ballmer is regarded as one of the most well-known corporate leaders in the world. He dropped out of school to work at Microsoft, where he rose to become one of the world’s most successful and wealthy individuals. He is a basketball fanatic who has put in a lot of time and effort towards philanthropy. His lively and outgoing demeanor is well-known.