Somaya Reece Net Worth

Somaya Reece is one of the most popular reality stars in the United States. She is well recognized for her appearances on different reality shows, the most well-known of which is Love and Hip Hop. She had several traumatic experiences as a child, but she always knew she was the only one who would fight for herself. Fighting for success is obviously lot easier for someone who has fought for survival.

Somaya Reece Net Worth
Somaya Reece Net Worth

Early Life

Somaya was born on June 17, 1983, to her parents. Because her family was in financial distress, her parents and sister all resided in the garage. But the nasty part doesn’t end there. In addition, Somaya had the misfortune of growing up with an abusive mother and an alcoholic father. But, as previously stated, she realized she had to battle her way out. Somaya, our courageous young lady, joined a gang, dropped out of school, and placed her own life at jeopardy. In South Central, she was shot twice and stabbed. But, in the end, she was doing everything she could to get away from her toxic family. She didn’t have someone who would show her affection at the time, so she became engaged with another adolescent boy. Her own mother refused to let her in once she became pregnant by him, so she moved in with her boyfriend’s mother. Unfortunately for her, the second mother figure she encountered was likewise abusive. So, if you believe things can’t get any worse, you’re mistaken. On the feared 11th of August, her newborn child was poisoned and murdered just days after his birth. Somaya previously described how she had been mourning this day since she was a child.


Somaya was working as a maid at a hotel when she was spotted by William Morris’s agents. Her life took a drastic turn at this point. She made her acting debut after appearing in 45 commercials and modeling for well-known fashion labels. Among her previous films, ‘Scorpion King’ was the most successful. Famously Single, ‘Love and Hip Hop,’ and ‘Girlfriends,’ among others, are among her television shows. She is also a great rapper and entrepreneur who owns and operates a number of enterprises, the most well-known of which is the Slim Detox Tea. Somaya Reece has already put forth a lot of effort. For her well-known reality shows, she has performed, modelled, and won people’s hearts all over America. This isn’t the end, though; she’s also rapped.


Throughout her career, Somaya Reece has dated a lot of people. Joe Budden, an American broadcaster, and Kellan Lutz, a Twilight actor, are among them. Despite the fact that little is known about her date lives with these two, her next relationship gained a lot of attention from admirers. She was involved in a lesbian relationship with Shanell Jones, popularly known as Lady Luck. Their followers admired them, and some of the younger generation thought of them as couple goals. Despite the fact that they took the next step and got engaged, they had to split up at the end of the year, breaking the hearts of their followers. Somaya was then linked to Cisco Rosado, according to rumors. However, she has recently been quite discreet about her love life.

Physical Appearance

Somaya Reece, who was born on June 17, 1983, is 38 years old today, February 14th, 2022. Her height is 1.76 meters, and she weighs 68 kg.

Net Worth

Finally, she is a very successful entrepreneur who has accomplished a great deal in her commercial activities and proven herself to be an excellent businesswoman. But there’s more to come, and we’re confident she’ll shine in every field. Her estimated net worth in February 2022 is $5 million.  As a result, we might assume that we are extremely proud of our reality television celebrity. Somaya Reece has been through a lot and worked hard to get to where she is now. Her true tale is one of the most inspiring you’ll ever hear. She may have moved on from her traumatic past, but she hasn’t forgotten about it. She will remember it as a lesson for the rest of her life.