Shane McMahon Net Worth

Shane McMahon is the son of WWE (World Entertainment Wrestling) chairman Vince McMahon, an American businessman. He’s also a professional wrestler and WWE SmackDown Live’s on-screen commissioner. Shane has been in the wrestling business since he was 15 years old and is a minority owner of WWE. He is a fourth-generation McMahon who works in the wrestling industry as a promoter.

Shane Mcmahon Net Worth
Shane Mcmahon Net Worth

Early Life

Linda McMahon and Vince McMahon have a son named Shane Brandon McMahon. He was born in Gaithersburg, Maryland, on January 15, 1970. Phil Nurse was his instructor. Shane is well-known for wearing baseball jerseys to his games. He wears a shirt with the “Shane O Mac” imprint on it. Stephanie McMahon is his brother, and Triple H is his brother-in-law.


Shane McMahon has been a part of the WWE since he was a child. He traveled to South America in 2007 to broadcast the WWE weekly events RAW and SmackDown. A year later, he was in charge of getting the series on TV Azteca and Televisa in Mexico. He left the WWE in 2009 and went on to become the CEO of China Broadband Inc., a cable broadband company. In China’s Shandong province, he was also involved with various analog and digital services. Shane is a member of the International Sports Management board of directors. In 2010, he became the CEO of You On Demand, China’s first pay-per-view and video-on-demand business. He then left the corporation but became vice chairman of the board of directors. Shane McMahon was a referee for a match at the 1991 Royal Rumble. He then worked as a backstage official and was a member of ‘The Corporation.’ He’s had feuds with Kane, The Rock, and Bobby Lashley, among others. Shane was not a part of the WWE from 2009 to 2016. Later, he was named the commissioner of SmackDown Live. Late in 2017, he had a squabble with his own sister Stephanie, whom he dubbed “the future Mr McMahon.”


Shane McMahon married Marissa Mazzola in 1996. Rogan Henry, Declan James, and Kenyon “Kenny” Jess are the couple’s three sons. Although he is right-handed, he can punch with his left.

Physical Appearance

Shane McMahon, who was born on January 15, 1970, is 52 years old today, February 20, 2022. He stands 1.88 meters tall and weighs 104 kilograms.

Net Worth

Shane McMahon’s estimated net worth is more than $40 million as of February 2022. From a young age, he has been involved in the wrestling industry. Shane has also won belts and fought alongside some of the WWE’s biggest names. McMahon also has a background in business, having served as the CEO of You On Demand and China Broadband Inc. He owns a portion of the Indian Larry Motorcycle Shop. He was the WWE’s Executive Vice President of Global Media and was in charge of the company’s television production. Shane McMahon is a well-known businessman from the United States. Shane O Mac is his WWE ring name, and he has a worldwide following. With his breakthrough, he went on to star in the 2002 film ‘Rollerbal.’