Sam Neill Net Worth

Nigel John Dermot “Sam'” Neill is a writer, producer, director, and vineyard owner from New Zealand. Following leading roles in Omen 41, A Cry in the Dark (1988), The Piano (1993), and Jurassic Park (1993), Neill rose to international popularity as Dr. Alan Grant in Jurassic Park (1993), My Brilliant Career (1979), Possession, The Final Conflict (both 1981), and Dead Calm (1989).

Sam Neill Net Worth
Sam Neill Net Worth

Early Life

Sam Neill was born in Omagh, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, in the year 1947. His mother, Priscilla Beatrice, and father, Dermot Neil, are his parents. Neill attended Christ’s College, an Anglican Boys Boarding School at Christ Church, where he received his education. This was after he and his family relocated to New Zealand. He went on to study English literature at the University of Canterbury, where he completed his university degree. Sam Neill’s first acting experience occurred at the University. He moved to Wellington to complete his undergraduate studies at Victoria University, where he received a BA in English literature.


In 1971, Neil’s debut play was The City of No, a New Zealand TV movie. In 1972, he released The Water Cycle, and in 1973, he released Hunt’s Duffer, a television movie. His first notable international appearance, as Damien Thorn in The Final Conflict, came in 1981. Omen Neil has appeared in a number of New Zealand plays, including Perfect Strangers (2003) and Hunt for the Wilde (2006). Neill has appeared in films from New Zealand, including The Piano (1993), Perfect Strangers (2003), Under the Mountain (2009), Hunt for the Wilder People (2016), and The Piano (1993). (2009) In the year 2012, he appeared in the short-lived Fox TV series Alcatraz. In the adventure film The Curse of the Midas Box, he played the role of Midas (2014). Peaky Blinders, a BBC series set in post-World War II Birmingham, included him in a role. He played Chief Inspector Chester Campbell in the film. He portrays General MacArthur in the film General MacArthur in 2015. In 2016, Neill starred in the New Zealand-made film Hunt for the Wilder people. In 2017, Neill appeared in a scene in director Taika Waititi’s fantasy sequel, in which he plays an actor portraying Odin. In the year 2018, he voiced Tommy Brock in Peter Rabbit and acted as Mr. McGregor.


Actress Lisa Harrow became Neill’s girlfriend. Tim, their 1983 child, is their only child. In 1989, Neill married Noriko Watanabe, a make-up artist, and the couple has one daughter, Elena, who was born in 1991. Neill divorced Watanabe in 2017 and began dating Laura Tingle, an Australian political journalist, in early 2018. Spencer, a daughter from Noriko’s first marriage, is his stepson. He looked after Andrew, who had been adopted by someone else, when he was in his early twenties. Neill lives in Queenstown and runs the Two Paddocks winery, which has a vineyard in Gibbston and two near Alexandra, all in New Zealand’s South Island’s Central Otago region. In addition to his property in Sydney, Australia, Neill also maintains a residence in Wellington, New Zealand. The British Stammering Association and the Australian Speak Easy Association are two of his favorite organizations. He is a supporter of both the Australian and New Zealand Labor Parties.

Physical Appearance

Sam Neill, who was born on September 4, 947, is 74 years old today February 10,2022. He stands 1.82 meters tall and weighs 81 kilograms.

Net Worth

Sam Neill’s net worth is projected to be $20 million as of February 2022. Being a talented person in different dimensions of being an Actor writer, producer, director, and vineyard proprietor, Sam Neill earns his money mainly from the man occupations he is undertaking Similarly, the different occupations he has pursued have earned him various honors, as well as prize money.