Peter Billingsley Net Worth

Peter Billingsley is an American actor, director, and producer best remembered for his role as Ralphie in the film “A Christmas Story.” He began his acting career when he was two years old, when he appeared in a Geritol commercial with Betty Buckley as his mother. He appeared in over 120 commercials as a child and appeared in films such as “Iron Man” and “Spiderman: Far from Home.” For the film The Dirt Bike Kid, he received the Young Artist Award in the category of best young actor in a feature film in 1985.

Peter Billingsley Net Worth
Peter Billingsley Net Worth

Early Life

Peter was born in New York on April 16, 1971.Alwin Michaelsen, his father, is a financial consultant, and Gail Michaelsen, his mother, worked as a secretary. Peter is the couple’s youngest son, and they have five children together. Peter’s siblings were all active in the acting industry as children, and they all appeared in commercials. His mother took them to auditions when they were little. Dina and Win, Peter’s older siblings, had a brief acting career and only appeared in commercials. Melissa, his elder sister, is well known for her role in the film ‘Me and Maxx,’ and Neil, his older brother, starred in the daily serial opera ‘Search for Tomorrow.’Billingsley’s early education was a mix of public and private schools, with tutors coming to educate him at home because he was so busy with his acting career as a youngster. He took a break from his acting career to attend Phoenix College in the early 1980s.

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Bilingsley made his debut appearance in a Geritol commercial with actress Betty Buckley when he was just two years old. He appeared in around 120 advertisements between the late 1970s and the early 1980s. His most well-known ad was for Hershey Syrup, in which he portrayed Messy Marvin. His debut film, 1f See You Again, was released in 1978. He made his film debut in 1981 with ‘Paternity,’ earning him a nomination for ‘Best Young Comedian -Motion Pictures or Television Young Artist Award.’ He has also acted in films such as ‘Death Valley,’ ‘Maserati,’ and ‘The Brian.’ Billingsley is most recognized for his performance as Ralphie, the odd young child in the 1983 film “A Christmas Story,” in which he was just 12 years old. Peter took a hiatus from acting in the late 1980s to finish college and appeared as a guest star in a number of sitcoms and television shows, including ‘Who’s the Boss,’ ‘The Wonder Years,’ and ‘Highway to Heaven.’ For the film The Dirt Bike Kid, he earned the Young Artist Award in 1985. In the 1993 film ‘Arcade,’ Peter portrayed a ‘Virtual Reality Addict Teenager.’ He was the executive producer of the hit film ‘Ironman,’ in which he played a scientist working for the villain ‘Stane,’ in 2008. He starred in the 2019 film ‘Spiderman: Far from Home.’


Peter Billingsley has become embroiled in a slew of Wired rumor’s. In 2011, it was reported that Peter Billingsley had died, and this information was widely disseminated on the internet, however it was ultimately shown to be false. He later became engaged to Buffy Bains, a lady he met on the internet. The pair had been engaged for a few years but had kept their wedding plans a secret.

Peter Billingsley Net Worth
Peter Billingsley Net Worth

Physical Appearance

Peter Billingsley, who was born on April 16, 1971, is 50 years old today, January 24, 2022. He stands 1.77 meters tall and weighs 79 kg.

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Net Worth

Peter Billingsley’s net worth is projected to be $12 million as of January 2022. Since he was a child, he has been in several television advertisements and films, including ‘Arcade,’ ‘Ironman,’ and ‘Spiderman: Far from Home.’ He has been in a number of comedies and television shows, as well as cameo appearances in films such as ‘Elf, The X Show,’ and ‘Family Reunion: A Relative Nightmare.’ Apart from movies, he has worked as an executive producer on a number of popular and award-winning films and television programmes, as well as assisting in the production of the film ‘Zathura.’ Peter Billingsley is most known for his role in the film A Christmas Story as Ralphie, the odd young child.

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