Oscar De La Hoya Net Worth

Oscar De La Hoya is a retired professional boxer who is well-known. He is an American of Mexican origin who is often regarded as the highest-earning boxer in history. From 1992 to 2008, Oscar De La Hoya fought professionally as a boxer. In the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, he won a gold medal in the lightweight division.

Oscar De La Hoya Net Worth
Oscar De La Hoya Net Worth

Early Life

On February 4, 1973, Oscar De La Hoya was born in East Los Angeles, California. He comes from a boxing family and is one of the few non-heavyweight boxers to become a pop culture celebrity. He received the nickname “The Golden Boy” while attending James A. Garfield High School. De La Hoya has 234 wins, 163 knockouts, and only six losses in his amateur career. De La Hoya comes from a boxing family of Orthodox Christians; his father, grandpa, and brother were all boxers. In 1995, The Ring Magazine awarded him the title of “Fighter of the Year.”


Oscar De La Hoya earned the nickname National Golden Gloves when he was 16 years old. He won the US National Championship after only a year. He was the first and only American boxer to win a gold medal at the Goodwill Games, which was a huge triumph! It was his first step into the boxing world, and Hoya’s net worth began to rise as a result. De La Hoya got off to a great start in his amateur boxing career. Shane Mosley, an American professional boxer, defeated him twice. However, Hoya was successful in defeating Pernell Whitaker in the same weight category, which was a huge asset in increasing Hoya’s net worth. Hoya was a professional boxer for the first time only in 1992. From 1992 to 2008, he competed in professional fights. Nonetheless, Oscar gained tremendous fame among his supporters as a result of his boxing career, and he amassed a massive net worth. De La Hoya’s acting career has included guest roles on a variety of TV shows, and he is also a successful entrepreneur.


Millie Corretier, a singer, is the woman De La Hoya married in 2001. In December of 2005, they welcomed their first child. De La Hoya announced a new real estate venture in 2006, and on April 14, 2009, he retired from boxing and entered retirement.

Physical Appearance

Oscar De La Hoya, who was born on February 4, 1973, is 49 years old today, March 04, 2022. He stands 1.79 meters tall and weighs 66 kilograms.

Net Worth

Oscar De La Hoya has amassed more wealth than any other boxer in the history of the sport. Oscar De La Hoya’s net worth is estimated to be around $220 million as of March 2022. De La Hoya is one of the most well-paid boxers of all time. He was once paid $43 million for merely spending 36 minutes inside the ring. His financial fortune was largely derived from his boxing, music, and real estate dealings during his younger years. Oscar De La Hoya is widely considered to be one of the wealthiest boxers of all time, and unquestionably in the United States. De La Hoya boxed in six different weight classes throughout the course of his career and even became a pop culture celebrity. He is regarded as a man capable of defeating seventeen world champions and winning ten world championships. Clearly, this was a significant investment in De La Hoya’s wealth.