Nigella Bites Net Worth

Nigella Lucy Lawson, a famous British food writer, book reviewer, and journalist, was born in London on January 6, 1960, and educated at Oxford. She is best known for her television cooking show “Nigella Bites” and subsequent TV productions, as well as her series of cook books, the second of which, “How to be a Domestic Goddess,” won the British Book Award for Author of the Year.

Early Life

Nigella Lawson was up in the food industry since her mother, Vanessa Salmon, was the proprietor of “J Lyons and Co,” a tremendously successful catering company. (Her father served as Chancellor in Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet as Baron Nigel Lawson.) Lawson did not have a perfectly happy upbringing, though; she has been cited as saying that she did not get along with her mother as a kid, and that it was not until she was an adult that the two ultimately patched things up. Nigella Lawson’s parents separated when she was 20 years old and a student at Oxford University, where she earned a degree in mediaeval and contemporary languages. Lawson spent much of her early career as a freelance journalist and writer, until she came up with the idea to publish her first cookbook.


The sight of a dinner party host becoming enraged because of an unset crème caramel inspired Nigella Lawson to create her debut cookbook, “How to Eat.” “How to Eat,” published in 1998, was a near-instant hit, selling 300,000 copies in the UK alone, boosting Nigella Lawson’s net worth and putting her firmly on the route to a career in the food sector. Two years later, Lawson produced another book, “How to be a Domestic Goddess,” which was also a huge success — in 2001, Lawson was named Author of the Year by the British Book Awards, despite competing against authors such as J. K. Rowling, the world’s most recognised novelist. The idea for Lawson to start her own television show, “Nigella Bites,” came easily after that.The show’s debut season attracted a massive 1.9 million viewers on average and was widely lauded by reviewers, boosting Nigella’s net worth.
Nigella Lawson has continued to work as a television host and writer since then. Lawson’s novels have reportedly sold three million copies to far, contributing significantly to her enormous net worth. Nigella Lawson has presented a number of various series throughout the years, including “Nigella Feasts,” “Nigella’s Christmas Kitchen,” and “Nigella Express.” Lawson’s show-related book, also named “Nigella Express,” is said to have outsold world-famous British television chef Jamie Oliver by more than 100,000 copies. Nigella Lawson was given the honour of preparing the food for the lunch between then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair and then-US President George W. Bush in 2003.


Nigella Lawson has a daughter and a boy with journalist John Diamond, whom she married in 1986. Diamond passed away in 2001 from throat cancer. Lawson married Charles Saatchi, a British businessman, in 2003, but the couple separated in 2013 following a tumultuous relationship.She has a son Cosima Thomasina Diamond and a daughter Bruno Paul Diamond.


Nigel Lawson and Vanessa Salmon have a daughter named Nigella. Dominic Lawson (brother), Tom Lawson (brother), Thomasina Lawson (sister), Horatia Lawson (sister), and Emily Lawson (sister) are her siblings (Sister).

Physical Appearance

With a thin figure and an oval facial type, this charming TV personality, journalist, and writer is from Wandsworth, London, England. Her hair is dark brown, straight, and medium length, and she wears it in an edgy manner. Her skin tone is light, and her eyes are dark brown. Her height is 170 centimetres and her weight is 73 kg. Her physical measurements are 32-30-38 inches.

Net Worth

Lawson has a net worth of $20 million dollars.