Nathaniel Burleson Net Worth

Nathaniel Burleson is a former Nevada Wolf Pack football player and a US football analyst. He has also played for the Detroit Lions and the Seattle Seahawks in football. Burleson is currently affiliated with CBS Sports’ National Football League Network and The NFL Today’s Good Morning Football. Nathaniel Burleson is a popular social media personality with over 212k Twitter followers and 85.3k Instagram followers.

Nathaniel Burleson Net Worth
Nathaniel Burleson Net Worth

Early Life

Nathaniel Burleson was born in the Canadian city of Calgary. He is a member of the African-American ethnic group in the United States. Nathaniel comes from an athletic family that is both prolific and close-knit. He completed his high school education at O’Dea High School in Seattle, Washington. He later enrolled at Nevada University and became a member of the “Nevada Wolf Pack.” His father, Al Burleson, was a key member of the Stampeders of the Canadian Football League when he was born, playing defensive back for the Calgary Stampeders. Alvin J., Nathaniel’s older brother, was a collegiate football player for Western Illinois and Washington Huskies University. Kevin, his other older brother, was a professional basketball player. He was previously a “point guard” with the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats. Lyndale, his younger brother, is a college basketball player for the Nevada Wolf Pack University. Nate and Kevin Burleson are the only two brothers in the world who play in the NFL and the NBA, respectively.


The Minnesota Vikings drafted Nate Burleson in the third round of the NFL Draft in 2003. He was the 71st overall selection. Burleson spent three seasons with the Vikings. In March 2006, he signed a seven-year, $49 million contract to play with the Seattle Seahawks. He was chosen to play for the team for four seasons. He signed a five-year, $25 million contract with the Detroit Lions on March 5, 2010. Burleson was a four-year starter on this club. He was told to rest because he had a forearm fracture. He signed a one-year contract with the Cleveland Browns on April 6. He retired from professional baseball in 2014 and began working as an analyst for the NFL Network. He also works for the Detroit Lions TV Network as a reporter.


Atoya Burleson is Nate Burleson’s wife. She competed in track and field at the University of Nevada. The couple has two sons, Nathaniel Burleson and Nehemiah Burleson, as well as a daughter, Mia Pearl. Nate Burleson is devoted to his family. It’s evident in the family images he continues to share on his social media accounts. Atoya and Nate Burleson met at the University of Nevada, where they were both students. Since then, the couple has been dating. He is currently living in Ridgemont with his family. Nate Burleson is a well-known social media figure with 212k Twitter followers and 85.3 Instagram followers.

Physical Appearance

Nathaniel Burleson, who was born on August 19, 1981, is 40 years old today, February 25, 2022. He has a height of 6 feet and a weight of 87 kg.

Net Worth

Nathaniel Burleson is a well-known American football analyst. He now works as a football analyst for CBS Sports and the NFL Network. He is said to earn $2,752,880 a year, according to reports. His net worth is predicted to be more than $12 million by February 2022. Nathaniel Burleson has earned a total of $33,289,000 during the course of his NFL career. In 2014, he signed a one-year contract worth $1,020,000 with the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League. In addition, his contract featured a $65,000 signing bonus as well as a $350,000 guaranteed sum. Nathaniel had two more contracts of $25 million and $49 million prior to this. After retiring from professional football in 2014, he began working as an analyst for NFL Network. The next year, he joined the Detroit Lions broadcast crew as a color analyst for the Detroit Lions Television Network.