Nardwuar Net Worth

Nardwuar, whose actual name is John Ruskin, is a Canadian interviewer and musician best known for being the main vocalist and keyboardist of the Evaporators, a Canadian garage rock band. Nardwuar previously worked for a radio station in British Columbia, where he was a regular on Friday afternoons. He is well-known for being a contentious interviewer, whose work began with two questions: “Who are you?” and “What do you do?”

Nardwuar Net Worth
Nardwuar Net Worth

Early Life

Nardwuar Ruskin was born on July 5, 1968, in Vancouver, British Columbia, to Vernon and Olga Ruskin. His father worked as an engineer, while his mother worked as a high school teacher and a local journalist. He also worked on historical issues and established a periodical called Gassy Jack, which featured historical personalities from Vancouver. Nardwuar received his schooling at West Vancouver’s Hillside Secondary School. During his boyhood, he was a prodigy in public speaking and was regarded as one of the greatest. When he was just six years old, he also won a competition in the same field. In 1986, he was accepted into the University of British Columbia, where he graduated with a history degree.


Nardwuar began his professional career after being hired by the CITR IO1.9 FM radio station in British Columbia. He subsequently got a position as an interviewer and began chatting with various celebs, becoming quite the media attraction. He conducts thorough research on the opponents he is interviewing and peppers them with pointed questions.He once brought out a vinyl record of Pharrell Williams’ first-ever album during an interview with him. Nardwuar’s research and delivery astonished him, and he finally shouted that it was one of the most amazing interviews he’d ever given. Drake, a well-known artist, also told the media that Nardwuar’s meeting and study were “amazing” and “correct.” He’s also a musician, and he’s in a band called ‘The Evaporators,’ where he plays keyboard.

Physical Appearance

Nardwuar, who was born on July 5, 1968, is 53 years old as of today’s date, January 2, 2022. He stands 1.73 meters tall and weighs 74 kg.


Nardwuar was the subject of a sad occurrence that occurred in 1999. He had convulsions and was temporarily paralyzed, resulting in a brain hemorrhage. Fortunately, he recovered rapidly from his illness. He experienced another stroke in 2015, but was discharged from the hospital six days later.

Nardwuar Net Worth
Nardwuar Net Worth

Net Worth

Nardwuar has amassed a net worth of $15 million as of 2022, because to his enormous hard work and commitment to his job. In his career, he has interviewed a number of celebrities and presented a number of reality series. He is one of the most unique figures in the television industry.
Nardwuar’s true name is John Ruskin, a Canadian who is most known for being a television interviewer and the main vocalist and keyboardist of the band ‘The Evaporators.’ Throughout his career, he has interviewed a number of superstars, including Drake, Billie Eilish, Ellie Goulding, and many others. He also has a NardwuarServiette YouTube account, which has approximately 1.5 million subscribers.