Miracle Watts Net Worth

Miracle is an Instagram star, model, social media influencer, and entrepreneur from the United States. She became well-known after Drake highlighted her on Thotful’s OB O’Brien track two, where she established herself as a professional twerker. Following the release, she capitalized on her celebrity by launching “The Miracle Lashes,” a line of fake eyelashes, and “The Miracle Tresses,” a line of fake hair.

Miracle Watts Net Worth
Miracle Watts Net Worth

Early Life

To this day, miracle was born in Houston, Texas. She shares her life with a brother and a sister. In addition to being an American citizen, she is also of Afro-American descent and a devout Christian. When it comes to her job and personal life, Watts is more forthcoming than other celebrities, but she never discusses her educational background or career progression. Since she was a youngster, she has had an interest in beauty, fashion, and photography. According to Galore Magazine, she grew up as a girly kid and her mother wasn’t perturbed when she first put on make-up.


She began her career as an exotic dancer in Houston’s famed Club Dreams, where she was the main attraction alongside Lira Mercer and Maliah Michel. She met Drake, who is known for his affinity for exotic dancers, through her club life. In 2017, Drake hosted a jersey retirement ceremony for Mercer, Watts, and Michel to honor their careers, during which he presented them with personalized basketball jerseys, as well as other basketball-related items such as a replica of the NBA’s Larry O’Brien Trophy. Watt rose to recognition as a professional twerker and then as a social media influencer and Instagram star, keeping her consistency in her output. “Dude/Miracle, sit your ass right here,” says Drake in the second verse of O’Brien’s 2014 hit “Thoughtful.” Watts is mentioned in the song’s lyrics. Consequently, Miracle’s fame soared and she became one of the most sought-after Instagram models, with Facet Studios representing her for a long time as a consequence. She developed a Faux brand, which took her four months to build up the eyelashes line and a year to develop the hair line. She launched the Miracle Lashes in 2015, gaining a million Instagram followers, then a month later, she introduced The Miracle Tresses. She’s also graced the covers of urban magazines, which have previously featured celebrities like as American rapper French Montana, Busta Rhymes, Ray J, 50 Cent, and a slew of others.


Watts had a one-year relationship with Hassan Suliman, the founder of Powered by Facet. She started dating recording artist August Aslina in 2015, but she disputed the rumors, claiming that they were simply friends since if they were lovers, he would have been on her social media platforms, particularly on her snap chat. Watt, however, previously published a photo of Aslina in his boxers as well as a shot of him with roses in support of this assertion. They called it quits in 2016. Due to her hourglass figure, she began to gain even more attention on social media as a result of this. She used to make brief appearances in Hip-Hop videos with her natural looks, but she was never noticed, which fueled her desire for plastic surgery even more. She was supposed to have gotten the surgery from Beyonce’s plastic surgeon, implying that the American singer had false buttocks, but Watts refuted the claims, stating they were all lies and that she didn’t waste her money on it.

Physical Appearance

Miracle Watts, who was born on January 30, 1993, is 29 years old as of today, February 23, 2022. Her height is 163 centimeters and she weighs 50 kilograms.

Net Worth

Watts’ net worth is predicted to be $500 thousand as of February 2022. Watts has made a name for herself in the modeling business, and she is one of Hollywood’s most prominent up-and-coming models. She inked a deal with the digital agency Facet Studios. She’s also the creator of The Miracle Lash and Miracle Hair, two beauty lines. She has also amassed fortune through her massive fan base on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and blogging sites.