Mariah Lynn Net Worth

Mariah Lynn is a rapper, composer, and reality television star from the United States. She is most known for being a rapper and a VH1 reality star who appeared on the show Love & Hip Hop: New York, where she became a significant cast member in the sixth season.

Mariah Lynn Net Worth
Mariah Lynn Net Worth

Early Life

Mariah Lynn was born in the city of Jersey City, New Jersey, in the year 1990. She had a difficult life, bouncing around foster homes and finding herself in dangerous areas of Newark. She is of both Puerto Rican and Italian descent. Tasha Jacoby is her mother’s name. She is regarded as the oldest of four siblings. It’s been revealed that she changed her own age on Everipedia via Twitter. According to her website, the artist has felt unappreciated and neglected. In addition, one of her first occupations was as a go-go dancer. She was essentially a talented rapper from an early age, even going so far as to work with one of New York’s most well-known DJs, i.e., DJ Self. Mariah Lynn had a difficult upbringing. She was raised in a number of foster homes and frequently found herself in dangerous areas of Newark, New Jersey. But she didn’t give up on her aspirations and tried everything she could to achieve them. Go-go dancing was one of her first employment.


Mariah Lynn began her career as a rapper, initially working on small contracts. She is now a cast member of the sixth season of the popular reality television show Love and Hip Hop. Despite the fact that Cisco Rosado is dating a rapper named Miss Moe Money, she switches between dating others, especially Cisco Rosado and Rich Dollaz. The rapper has released his first rap hit, DJ Self participated in the promotion of ‘Once Upon a Time.’ She was also a part of the studio, working alongside Cisco Rosado. During her interaction with DJ Self, the two of them agreed to promote her record “Once Upon a Time,” which became an instant hit. She has recently been seen with Cisco Rosado, several record producers, and one of the characters from the show. It was discovered that she carved her own career on television while collaborating with the cast of Love & Hip Hop, but it appears that the show will not endure.

Physical Appearance

Mariah Lynn, who was born on July 17, 1990, is 31 years old today, February 14, 2022. Her height is 1.68 meters and she weighs 55 kilograms.

Net Worth

Mariah Lynn’s net worth is projected to be $2 million as of February 2022. Her huge career as a rapper and as a reality television personality has made her wealthy. The rapper is one of the newest additions to the sixth season of the reality television show Love & Hip Hop. As an aspirational rapper, he will undoubtedly take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become wealthy and famous. The rapper’s total net worth was estimated to be $800,000 in 2015. She just noticed a temporary cast with a record producer named Cisco Rosado, who is one of the show’s recurring characters. The rapper has two commercially successful and well-known songs, “Money Gun” and “Money Gun 2.” “Once upon a time, there was a time when there was a time when there was a time when there was also depict a different side of the street as seen through the eyes of a lady.