Lizzy Musi Net Worth

Lizzy Musi was born on 1st of January 1991 and is perhaps one of the most well-known female drag racing personalities. Lizzy Musi’s gorgeous figure and unusual racing skill combine to make her a beautiful and tough star. Her physical attractiveness may confuse a novice to the racing circle, but those who have been around for a while will be quick to warn them about the explosive energy wrapped up in a lovely package.

Early Life

Due to professional accomplishments and personal life of Lizzy , she decided to become a full-time apprentice with her father at his engine-building shop after graduating from high school. She was not, however, given the pleasure of driving and servicing automobile engines on a silver platter. To avoid workshop mishaps, she began by sweeping the floor every day and making sure that grease patches were not left unattended.


Pat and Elizabeth Musi had a daughter named Lizzy Musi. Her younger sister was given the feminine version of their father’s name, and she was named after her mother. Lizzy was born and raised in the state of New Jersey in the United States. Carter High School in New Jersey is where she received her diploma.
The lovely blonde must have fallen in love with the family company since she dropped out of high school to work at her father’s workshop.

Physical Appearance

Musi has an exquisite figure that measures 35 – 24- 35 In , giving her a stunning hourglass form. Musi is a race car driver, not a model, which is hard to believe. Musi, for example, carries her toned, 5 Ft  9 In (175 cm) with 64 Kg weight physique with vim and attitude. She radiates complete girl crush vibes.


Lizzy, who comes from a family of professional motor racers, has chosen to continue the family heritage. Lizzy’s decision to pursue a career in drag racing was unsurprising. Similarly, her entire family, including her mother and sisters, are skilled drag racers who enthusiastically backed her decision. Not to mention, it was her father, Pat, who sparked her interest in the sport and urged her to pursue a career in it. What’s more, the girl inherited the DNA from her father. Lizzy’s talent caused quite a stir upon her arrival. Musi’s reputation grew after she won her first National Level Pro Nitrous race at the PDRA at Virginia Motorsports Park in Dinwiddie, Virginia.

Net Worth

Lizzy Musi’s current net worth is $500,000. Lizzy Musi is a musician from the United Kingdom. As of the writing of this article, her net worth is $150,000. There is no denying that Lizzy Musi has made the majority of her money from the recordings. Since he was a teenager, she has been a competitive drag racer. Musi is also active in the family company, which should be noted. Musi Racing Engines is an auto repair firm founded by her father in the 1970s. Lizzy and her father collaborate with PDRA to build engines for a variety of drag racers. Her father’s engines are one of the reasons she has set so many records. Lizzy is also a part of an online company that offers cosmetics. Lizzy obtains a portion of the income from her efforts in promoting the various items, despite the fact that she is not the principal proprietor. According to sources, professional drag racers can earn up to $150,000 per year.


Kye Kelley is Lizzy Musi’s boyfriend. He’s also a drag racer, which is interesting. In a social media post, she disclosed her relationship with Kye Kelley while wishing him a happy birthday. She also referred to him as her friend and the man she loves. Kye Kelly and Lizzy Musi may currently be seen on TV in the Street Outlaws’ No Prep King reality drag race show. Kye Kelley had two daughters from two other women before to his relationship with Musi. Despite this, the love narrative between Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi has not been affected.


Lizzy has had a number of injuries over her career, ranging from minor to life-threatening. Musi was injured in the American Drag Racing League’s third-round qualifying event at Bristol Dragway in 2012. Lizzy was involved in another car accident a few years later. At the PDRA Texas Nationals, it happened during one of the qualifying rounds. The most recent incident occurred on a two-year-old episode of Street Outlaws. At the time, she was driving an automobile known as ‘the Shocker.’