Liza Morales Net Worth

Liza Morales is an internationally recognized fashion designer. She is also a reality television star. She rose to prominence after appearing in the VH1 reality show Starter Wives Confidential.

Liza Morales Net Worth
Liza Morales Net Worth


For nearly a decade, Liza has been in a relationship with Khloe. Their relationship dates back to the 1990s. In the year 2000, they became engaged. They are the parents of three children. Liza and Khloe met in high school and became friends. At the moment, she was 14 years old. They got to know each other and began dating two years later. They’ve never performed a wedding before. In the year 2006, one of their children died The child was diagnosed with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Jayden is the name of the child. Destiny, who was born in the year 1998, and Lamar Jr., who was born in the year 2002, are the other two children. Liza has expressed her dissatisfaction with Lamar’s availability as a father. She’s also been accused of having an affair with Lamar that lasted two years. They called it quits in the year 008. Lamar went on to date Khloe Kardashian after they broke up. In the year 2009, they married.

They later went on to star in a reality show. Their relationship did not continue long, as they divorced in 2012. Liza, Lamar., and Destiny had to flee and look after Lamar after he was discovered comatose in a Nevada brothel. Following a legal battle in 2013, Liza went on to star in the VH1 reality show Starter Wives Confidential. Because of its low ratings, this show was terminated after only three episodes. Only lawyers are allowed to communicate with Liza and Lamar. Lamar has had numerous encounters with a variety of women. The loss of their kid, Jayden, was one of the most difficult times in Liza’s life. It’s intriguing to learn that once he resigned from his career, Lamar wanted to officiate their wedding.


Liza has created a name for herself as a fashion designer in New York. She was able to appear in a reality show called “Starter Wives.” This show aired on the TLC network. She says in this episode that she wrote and directed her story, as well as the facts that came with it. This show barely lasted three episodes before it was cancelled. The low ratings were the reason for the show’s cancellation.

Physical Appearance

Liza Morales, who was born on May 10, 1979, is 42 years old today, February 6, 2022.She is 1.72 meters tall and weighs 65 kilograms.

Net Worth

Liza has a net worth of over $5 million as of February 2022. Her net worth is derived from her work as a fashion designer and her appearances on reality television series. In the year 2013, her net worth increased. This comes after she appeared on a show called ‘Starter Wives Confidential. Liza’s celebrity stems from her status as a fashion icon and as the ex-girlfriend of NBA player Lamar Odom. She is also the mother of this superstar’s child. She has stated that among her many accomplishments in her career, the contribution she made to the reality show Starter Wives Confidential is the one she is most proud of. She has excellent taste in fashion design and is an excellent manager of her multiple fashion lines.