Jimmy Buffett Age Net Worth

Jimmy Buffett is a musician, businessman, composer, author, and actor from the United States. He has 27 studio albums and 67 singles to his credit. He has been working in his field since 1970.
Buffett has been on a number of concert tours and has a number of hit singles. He started Margaritaville Records and has received several awards. “Knee Deep,” “One Particular Harbour,” “Margaritaville,” and “Volcano” are some of his successful singles.

Jimmy Buffett Age Net Worth
Jimmy Buffett Age Net Worth

Early Life

Mary Lorraine and James Delaney Buffett, Jr. have a son named James Jimmy” William Buffett. On December 25, 1946, he was born in Pascagoula, Mississippi. He was born and raised in Alabama.
For his graduation, he attended McGill Institute for Boys. Buffett has visited a number of universities, including the University of Southern Mississippi.


Jimmy Buffett’s first album, ‘Down to Earth,’ was released in 1970. He launched the commercially successful album ‘Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes’ in 1977 after releasing several albums in the 1970s. He wrote ‘Son of a Son of a Sailor’ the next year. In 1981, the film ‘Coconut Telegraph’ was released. Buffett published ‘Somewhere Over China,’ ‘Riddles in the Sand,’ ‘Floridays,’ and ‘Hot Water’ in the 1980s. Since May 1994, ‘Fruitcakes’ have been offered. Then he came up with the idea for ‘Barometer Soup.’ ‘Banana Wind,’ ‘Don’t Stop the Carnival,’ ‘License to Chill,’ and ‘Take the Weather with You’ are among his albums from the 1990s and 2000s. ‘Songs from St. Somewhere’ was released in 2013.Tis the SeaSon is the singer’s most recent album. In addition to his studio albums, Buffett has released 12 live albums, nine compilation albums, and 19 music videos. Four of his singles have reached the top ten. Tales from Margaritaville, Where Is Joe Merchant?, and The Jolly Mon are just a few of his works. He starred in, co-produced, and wrote the soundtrack for the 2006 film ‘Hoot.’ Buffest has appeared in a number of films and television series, as well as founding Margaritaville Records. He is the proprietor of the ‘Margaritaville Casino’ in Atlantic City.


Jimmy Buffet married Margie Washichek in 1969. In 1972, their marriage came to an end. Jane Slagsvol, whom he married in 1977, was his first wife. Savannah Jane, Sarah Delaney, and Cameron Marley, their adoptive son, are the couple’s children.
Buffett gave a speech at the University of Miami in 2015. He was also awarded an honorary doctorate at the same event. He is also active in a number of charitable endeavours. He has performed for numerous charities on multiple occasions. “Parrotheads” are his adoring supporters.

Jimmy Buffett Age Net Worth
Jimmy Buffett Age Net Worth

Physical Appearance

Jimmy Buffett, who was born on December 25, T 946, is 75 years old today, 17th January 2022. He stands 1.7 meters tall and weighs 84 kg.

Net Worth

Jimmy Buffett’s estimated net worth is more than $650 million as of January 2022. Apart from recording albums, the artist has been involved in a number of other projects. He has three New York Times best-selling novels to his credit. He founded Margaritaville Brewing and is the proprietor of Margaritaville Casino. In 2012, Buffett launched the Facebook game Margaritaville Online. He owns sports teams and plans to develop Latitude Margaritavile, a retirement community. The project is expected to cost around $1 billion.