Jeanie Buss Net Worth

Jeanie Buss is an American entrepreneur who is the majority owner and president of the National Basketball Association’s Los Angeles Lakers. She also owns the Los Angeles Blades, a professional roller hockey team in Los Angeles.

Jeanie Buss Net Worth
Jeanie Buss Net Worth

Early Life

Jeanie Marie Buss was born in Santa Monica, California, on September 21, 1961. Jerry Buss and Joana Buss were her parents when she was born. Her father is a real estate investor who eventually became the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers and other sports franchises. When Buss was eleven years old, her parents split. She grew up with three siblings in Santa Monica. Buss began playing World Team Tennis with her father when she was quite young. She had always preferred her father, so she moved home with him in Pickfair following the divorce. She was an outstanding student and athlete in school. She was very interested in her father’s real estate business, in addition to her schooling. She went to the University of Southern California after graduating from high school, where she studied in business and graduated with honors.


Buss’ father was the owner of the Los Angeles Strings, a World Squad Tennis team. When World Team Tennis folded, her father purchased a new incarnation of the Strings and named Buss General Manager while she was a student at USC. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long, and she went on to purchase professional roller hockey in Los Angeles, where she founded the ‘Los Angeles Blades.’ She was soon voted the league’s executive of the year. Buss previously worked as the general manager of the Los Angeles Lakers at Great Western Arena for four years. She did an outstanding job by concentrating completely on her task. She worked tirelessly to expand her company, and her unwavering commitment earned her the position of executive vice-president of business operations for the Los Angeles Lakers. When Buss’s father died, his six children were given equal parts of his estate. She was named president of the Lakers that year and continued to oversee the team’s operations. After that, Buss made some key decisions, including firing Mitch Kupchak as General Manager and her brother Jim as Vice President.


There were many admirers and followers of Buss during her time in high school and college. During her first marriage, she wed Steve Timmons, a volleyball player. For over three years, Buss and her husband were married, but she always put her profession ahead of them. As a result, Buss started a relationship with former New York Knicks president Phil Jackson. Taking their relationship to the next level was something they had been debating for quite some time before finally agreeing to do. They were engaged for a long time before Phil broke things off due to personal reasons. As a businesswoman, Buss was one of the world’s most powerful women. A slew of high-profile celebrities and sports stars expressed interest in her. While she has appeared in a few magazines as a model, her most well-known shot was for Playboy magazine in May 1995.

Physical Appearance

Jeanie Buss, who was born on September 26, 1961, is 60 years old today, February 16, 2022. At 1.65 meters tall and weighing 58 kg, she is a little woman.

Net Worth

Jeanie Buss’ net worth is believed to be over $540 million as of February 2022. Her business efforts in sports management for the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Blades have been her main source of revenue. With a silver spoon in her mouth, Jeanie Buss was born. She grew up in a lavish lifestyle and continues to do so today. Her dedication and passion to her father’s business have aided her in achieving the success she now enjoys. She is currently living a single but opulent life and is entirely focused on pushing her business to new heights.