Jay Bilas Net Worth

Jay Bilas is a well-known retired professional basketball player from the United States who used to play center for his team. He is currently employed as a college basketball pundit, as well as a basketball coach who has aided Mike Krzyzewski in numerous games. He passed the Bar exam after three years of international basketball. He is currently employed as a lawyer and attorney in North Carolina. From 1989 through 1992, he worked as a coach. Jay was well-known in his day for his 6 feet 8-inch height and 200-pound frame. He is a lawyer who has also written a popular book.

Jay Bilas Net Worth
Jay Bilas Net Worth

Early Life

Jay was born in the United States, in the city of San Pedro. Because he opted to remain mute about his personal life, any information about his upbringing and early years is currently unavailable. As a result, his parents’ names are unknown at this time. His parents, on the other hand, were known to be highly supportive of him and urged him to pursue a basketball career. Jay Bilas only attended Rolling Hill High School for his high school experience and graduated from there.


Jay was selected in 1982 while attending Rolling Hills High School and averaged 13.5 rebounds per game that year. From 1982 to 1986, he was a member of Duke University’s basketball team, which won the National Championship. He was drafted by the NBA in 1986 and played in Italy. He used to work as an assistant coach for a squad while attending Duke University. He has also served as a Nike skills academy instructor. He began working on ESPN’s sports channel as a commentator and studio analyst in 1995. He began practicing law after graduating from Duke University with a law degree in 1992. He is currently a member of the Charlotte office’s board of directors. He became a member of the Screen Actors Guild in 1987, and he has since acted in several television advertisements and feature films. He currently serves on the advisory board of Duke University’s brain tumor center. He is a strong supporter of cancer research and donates on a regular basis.


Jay Bilas and his entire family currently reside in North Carolina, United States. In the year 2000, he married Wendy Bilas, his long-time lover. Anthony Bilas is his son’s name, and Tori Bilas is his daughter’s name. Anthony, his son, was born in 1996 and is also a basketball player. He was selected in the NBA draft of 2021. His daughter, on the other hand, is a well-known horse rider and artist. She competed in and won many horse riding events while in high school. She currently sells her artworks on her website and is well-known in her area.

Physical Appearance

Jay Bilas, who was born on December 24, 1963, is 58 years old today, February 21, 2022. His height is 2.03 meters, and he weighs 102 kg.

Net Worth

He had some highly prominent sponsorship while working as an international basketball player, from which he used to earn a lot of money on a regular basis. He was paid $1 million per year as an assistant professor at Duke University. He currently makes roughly $2 million per year as an analyst. According to a recent financial report, his net worth as of February 2022 was estimated to be around $10 million. Jay Bilas is one of the few basketball personalities who has continued to be successful after retiring from the game. Because, in addition to his game, he pursued his academics and eventually became a lawyer. For many people all throughout the world, he is a living legend and an inspiration. Jay is moderately active on social media, and he often communicates with his fans through his social media accounts.