Ingvar Kamprad Net Worth

IKEA is a cosmopolitan Swedish-based company with a Dutch headquarters that manufactures and distributes ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, and other home items, as well as other useful goods and occasionally home services. Ingvar Kamprad, at 17 years old, founded it in 1943 in Sweden. IKEA has been the world’s largest furniture retailer since 2008. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index from January 2018, Kamprad was the tenth most valuable person on the planet, with a net worth of US$58.7 billion. The name of the corporation is made up of the founder’s initials (lIngvar Kamprad), as well as the names of Elmtaryd, the family farm where he was born, and Agunnaryd, a nearby village.

Ingvar Kamprad Net Worth
Ingvar Kamprad Net Worth


Ingvar Kamprad founded IKEA in 1943 as a mail-order sales company, but gradually expanded into furniture sales. In 1958, he founded his first store, Möbel-KÉA, in lmhult, Smland (Möbel means “furniture” in Swedish). Other stores were opened in Norway in 1963 and Denmark in 1969, in addition to the ones in Sweden. The boutiques had expanded throughout Europe by the 1970s, with the first outside of Scandinavia opening in Switzerland in 1973, followed by West Germany in 1974. The company’s West German management built a location in Konstanz instead of Koblenz in 1973. Stores opened in various regions of the world in the years after, including Japan in 1974, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong in 1975, and Singapore in 1978.IKEA expanded into new countries during the 1980s, including France and Spain in 1981, Belgium in 1984, the United States in 1985, the United Kingdom in 1987, and Italy in 1989. With 53 locations, Germany is IKEA’s largest market, followed by the United States with 51 stores. The first IKEA shop in Latin America opened in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on February 17, 2010.


Inter IKEA Systems B.V. owns IKEA, which is a private corporation based in the Netherlands and run by the sons of the firm’s founder, Ingvar Kamprad. The firm is recognized for its traditional interior designs as well as its current designs of various sorts of appliances and furnishings. Furthermore, the firm is well-known for its meticulous attention to operational details, cost management, and ongoing product development, which enabled it to reduce its pricing by two to three percent on average. The group’s corporate structure is a little complicated, and it’s been claimed that it was meant to avoid paying almost €1 billion in taxes between 2009 and 2014.IKEA now has 433 shops in 52 countries, with sales of €38.8 billion in fiscal year 2018. In a year, the company’s website had over 12,000 goods and 2.1 billion visits.The firm consumes around 1% of commercial-product wood globally, making it one of the largest users of wood in the retail industry.INGKA, a holding company run by the Stichting INGKA Foundation, owns the majority of IKEA’s shops and factories. INGKA got 90 percent of IKEA’s income in 2018.Ikea is the world’s largest furniture shop, according to several sources.Ingvar Kamprad, the creator of the Swedish corporation, died in 2018 as the world’s seventh richest person, controlling the $58.7 billion Ikea fortune.Kamprad had links to pro-Nazi parties in his youth, which he regretted and said was his worst mistake. Peter, Jonas, and Mathias Kamprad, Kamprad’s three sons, all hold board positions within the Ikea group of companies.

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Ikano Group, a $9.1 billion conglomerate controlled by the Kamprad brothers, was originally a subsidiary of Ikea but eventually spun out, retaining ownership of eight Ikea locations. Real estate,  banking, insurance, and retail were among the industries in which it was active. Each brother has an estimated net worth of $1 billion. IKEA is a one-of-a-kind corporation. It’s remarkable how a simple gesture like Kamprad’s has become a source of joy for individuals all across the world. Kamprad was courageous enough to start his own firm when he was a young guy, and it has continued to develop since then. Such audacity is to be admired and imitated.