Harry Belafonte Net Worth

Harry Belafonte is a singer, songwriter, actor, and activist of American and Jamaican descent. He is one of the most well-known Jamaican-American pop performers in music history. In the 1950s, he was nicknamed the “King of Calypso” for popularizing the Caribbean music style to an international audience. He was also a close friend of Martin Luther King Jr. and was an early supporter of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 1960s.

Harry Belafonte Net Worth
Harry Belafonte Net Worth

Early Life

Harry was born in Harlem, New York, on March 1, 1927. Harold George Bellanfanti Jr. was his birth name. Melvine, a housekeeper, and Harold George Bellanfanti Sr. are his parents. His father worked in the restaurant industry. His mother was Jamaican, his mother was Scottish white, and his father was African-American. His grandpa was a white Dutch Jew, he said. After graduating from George Washington High School, he joined the Navy and participated in World War I. In the 1940s, he also worked as a janitor’s helper in New York City. When he witnessed the American Negro Theatre, he fell in love with theatre.Later, he crossed paths with Sidney Poitier. He enrolled at the Dramatic Workshop of The New School in New York in the end of the 1940s.

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Belafonte began his music career in New York as a club singer to help pay for his acting lessons. He was paired with the Charlie Parker band the first time he performed in front of an audience. He began his career as a pop vocalist, but subsequently developed a strong interest in folk music, which he studied mostly through American folk song collections. He made his debut at the Village Vanguard jazz club with a guitarist buddy. Calypso, J was Belafonte’s first commercially published single, and it became his “signature” tune. In terms of his acting career, he has been in a number of films, his first being Bright Road (1953), in which he co-starred with Dorothy Dandridge.In 1954, they appeared in Otto Preminger’s blockbuster musical Carmen Jones. In the 1999 television drama Swing Vote, he played an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. In 2006, he starred in the film Bobby. He had an appearance in Spike in 2018.As an elderly person, Lee’s Black Klansman. He assisted in the production of the Grammy Award-winning song “We Are the World” in 1985. It was a collaborative effort by a number of artists to raise money for Africa.


From 1948 to 1957, Belafonte was married to Marguerite Bred, with whom he had two daughters, Adrienne and Shari. During the production of Island in the Sun, he had an affair with actress Joan Colins in the middle of their marriage. He married his second wife, Julie Robinson, on March 8, 1957, who was a former dancer with the Katherine Dunham Company and was of Jewish origin. David and Gina were their two children. David Belafonte is a Grammy-nominated and Emmy-winning music producer, as well as the family-owned firm director of Belafonte Enterprises. They split after 47 years of marriage, and Belafonte married Pamela Frank, a photographer, in April 2008. Belafonte is the father of five children.

Harry Belafonte Net Worth
Harry Belafonte Net Worth

Physical Appearance

Harry Belafonte, who was born in March 1927, is 94 years old today, January 20, 2022. He stands 6 feet tall and weighs 73 kg.

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Net Worth

As of January 2022, Harry Belafonte’s projected net worth is predicted to be over $30 million, based on the majority of his songs and films. He also does a lot of concerts, which results in a lot of loyalty profits. Harry has been able to manage his net worth because he has been able to spend his money properly. His contribution to film is irreplaceable, and no amount of money can adequately compensate for it. He is known as “The King of the Calypso” and currently resides in New York.Many Hispanic men look up to Harry Belafonte, and he has made tremendous contributions to our field.He’s becoming old, but we’d like to see more of him, and we’d like for him to live longer so that he may see more of the world.

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