Eduardo Saverin Net Worth

Eduardo Saverin is a well-known online entrepreneur and investor, as well as a co-founder of Facebook. He reportedly holds 52 million Facebook shares, according to reports from 2015. He’s also invested in companies like Jumio and Qwiki. He abandoned his US citizenship in 2011.

Eduardo Saverin Net Worth
Eduardo Saverin Net Worth

Early Life

Eduardo Saverin was born Eduardo Luiz Saverin in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on March 19, 1982, to Paula and Roberto Saverin. Alexandre Saverin is his younger brother. He was born in Brazil and raised there. Gulliver Schools was where he finished his education. Later, he attended Harvard University to get an economics degree.

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Eduardo Saverin met Mark Zuckerburg at Harvard, and the two planned to start Facebook together. Mark, on the other hand, did not mention Eduardo Saverin in the profit and did not give him credit for the idea. Mark was only able to upload the website to Google because of Eduardo Saverin’s money. a Eduardo later sued Mark and demanded a portion of the proceeds. Eduardo Saverin was eventually forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement to resolve the case. As a result, the amount each party paid the other to conclude this chapter was never known.Their connection was depicted in the Hollywood film “The Social Network.” Andrew Garfield played Eduardo Saverin in the film, and he garnered a lot of praise for his performance. Eduardo Saverin and Aldo Alvarez, a Mexican entrepreneur, created an internet charity platform in 2010. Eduardo Saverin has been a resident of Singapore since 2009. Eduardo obtained a US citizen in 1998, but renounced it in 2011 since he prefers to work in Singapore. The millionaire was accused of taking this measure solely to avoid paying US taxes, which drew a lot of media attention. Several others also questioned his loyalty and value to the country.Eduardo Saverin hasn’t crossed the US border in two years, and based on the appearance of his business in Singapore, we don’t expect him to do so anytime soon.


In 2015, Eduardo Saverin married J Elaine Andriejanssen. The pair met in Indonesia, where Elaine’s family owns several enterprises. Eduardo Saverin currently resides in Singapore with his wife, where he has been since 2009. Eduardo Saverin prefers to keep a low profile; he hasn’t mentioned Mark or Facebook afterwards, which could be due to the non-disclosure agreement, but we haven’t seen his name in the news in a few years.

Eduardo Saverin Net Worth
Eduardo Saverin Net Worth

Physical Appearance

Eduardo Saverin, who was born on March 19, 1982, is 39 years old as of today’s date, January 28, 2022. He stands 1.77 meters tall and weighs 75 kilograms.

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Net Worth

Eduardo Saverin’s projected net worth as of January 2022 is more than $12 billion. His family companies have provided him with the most of his wealth. He is also an astute investor, which aids in the growth of his riches. He also gets millions of dollars a year from his stock in internet behemoths like Facebook and Google. Eduardo Saverin is one of the world’s wealthiest Brazilians. He’s also one of those entrepreneurs who refuses to accept no for an answer. When Mark refused to give him any credit or profit for Facebook, he didn’t waste any time hauling him to court to reclaim his rights. This also aided him in exposing Mark’s true colours in front of the world.However, now that Eduardo Saverin has almost 50 million Facebook shares, everything is OK.

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