Dillon Danis Net Worth

He is a professional mixed martial artist from the United States who is best known for participating in the Bellator Welterweight division. Dillon Danis is an MMA fighter and Marcelo Garcia’s black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He received his final training from a well-known New York academy coach.
Dillon is only in the early stages of his career, but he has already made a name for himself in the MMA world. He is one of the most popular martial artists in the United States, having amassed a large fan base in a short period of time. His admirers adore the competitive style that he employs.

Early Life

Dillon Danis was born on August 22, 1993, in New Jersey, United States. As of 2021, he is 28 years old. Dillon grew up in a Christian household, yet he hasn’t revealed anything about his father. Danis has two siblings, Carol and Bradon, and his mother’s name is Nikki Danis.
He went to Parsippany Hills High School and never went to college, opting instead to pursue a career in martial arts. When it comes to Dillon Danis’ girlfriend, he is linked to Savannah Montano, a model and businesswoman. Savannah has been his girlfriend since 2019.


Dillon Danis began his martial arts career shortly after finishing high school. He started fighting when he was 15 years old, and he used to fight on the streets. Later, he relocated to New York to pursue a professional jiu-jitsu career. He received a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu from Marcelo Gracia Academy after months of training (2015).
Dillon Danis’ career took a change in 2016 when MMA fighter ‘Conor McGregor’ contacted him to teach him. He rose to become one of the best fighters in the camp, winning numerous fights. It has also aided him in increasing his global social media fan base. Dillon Danis made his professional debut on April 28th, 2018 against Kylie Walker at Bellator 198. In the next year, he defeated Max Humphrey at Bellator 222 on June 14, 2019.

Net Worth

According to some sources, Dillon Danis’ net worth in 2021 will be $3 million. He is one of the best mixed martial artists in the United States, having competed in various tournaments. Dillon Danis earns more than $30,000 every month. The majority of his earnings come from the fitness business, as well as his participation as an MMA fighter, which pays nicely.
While he is still in the early stages of his career, it appears that Dillon Danis will join the ranks of premier mixed martial artists such as Conor McGregor in the future years. His revenues are also derived from the brands for which he conducts product modelling shots. Dillon Danis earns more than $400,000 each year.

Physical Appearance

Dillon Danis has a muscular body; he stands 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs roughly 78 kilogrammes ( 171 Lbs). Dillon’s body is covered in tattoos.


Dillon Danis made his MMA debut against Kyle Walker at Bellator MMA 198, winning by submission. Dillon Danis also won his second Bellator MMA fight via submission over Max Humphrey. Dillon Danis has two submission victories and no defeats in Bellator MMA so yet. In 2015, Dillon Danis, a black belt, became the IBJJF Boca Raton International Open Champion. Dillon Danis’ jiu-jitsu expertise has also allowed him to win the BJJF Pan American No-Gi Championship and the IBJJF New York Spring Open Championship.