Devon Larratt Net Worth

Devon Larratt is a professional arm wrestler from Canada who has won numerous honors for his work. He is a hugely powerful man who is well-known for his arm wrestling prowess. He has a successful record of arm-wrestling victories over men all around the world.

Devon Larratt Net Worth
Devon Larratt Net Worth

Early Life

On April 24, 1975, in Victoria, British Columbia, he was born. Unfortunately, his education and parents are unknown since, like other celebrities, he keeps his personal life hidden from the public eye. Since he was a teenager, he had been interested in arm wrestling. He fought professionally after entering the Canadian forces.


Since he was a teenager, Larratt has been interested in arm wrestling. He was able to compete after entering the Canadian Special Forces at the age of 21. He had surgery on his right arm and elbow in 2013, forcing him to fight from the left side. In 2016, he underwent the same operation on his left elbow, but recovered considerably faster and won the World Arm Wrestling League with that arm the following year. He is best known for defeating John Brzenk in arm wrestling and for becoming the first arm wrestler to hold world titles in both the right and left hands at the same time.


Larratt’s fans frequently inquire about his personal life and relationship. Regrettably, the brilliant athlete keeps information about his family out of the public eye. As a result, his relatives are unknown. Most people assume that he is doing well in his family because of his high level of discipline and respectable attitude.

Physical Appearance

Devon Larratt is 46 years old, having been born on April 24, 1975. He stands 1.93 meters tall and weighs 245 pounds.

Net Worth

Larratt has a net worth of $300 thousand as of February 2022. He makes the majority of his money as an arm wrestler. He’s beaten many men all over the world and won numerous trophies. Daven Larratt is one of Canada’s most well-known arm wrestlers. He enlisted in the Canadian Forces at a young age. Despite injuries to his left hand and elbow that necessitated surgery, he was able to win the World arm-wrestling league. He’s beaten many men all over the world and won numerous trophies. The vibe that Larratt has given Arm Wrestling is undeniably fantastic.