Demond Wilson Net Worth

Demond Wilson is one of the most well-known actors in the industry. He was born in the United States. He became a novelist later in life, with just a few ventures to show off his acting abilities. His most well-known character was Lamont Sanford, which he performed on the NBC sitcom Sanford and Son.

Demond Wilson Net Worth
Demond Wilson Net Worth

Early Life

Wilson was born in 1946 in Valdosta, Georgia, in a tiny village. However, he was born and raised in the city of New York. Over there, he learnt to tap dance and ballet. At the age of four, he made his Broadway debut, and at the age of twelve, he danced in one of the most famous venues in the world, Harlem’s Apollo Theatre. You used to spend your summers in Georgia with your pentecostal grandma.At the age of 13, he was diagnosed with appendix structure, which progressed to the point that it nearly killed him.

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Wilson enlisted in the army in 1966 and served in the 4th infantry division. He served until 1968, when he was injured in the Vietnam War. He was quickly brought home, where he was treated with respect as a veteran. Following his rehabilitation, he returned to Broadway and appeared in a number of theatre productions. Later, he became dissatisfied with these little jobs and desired to pursue a career in Hollywood. There, he was lucky enough to be cast in a variety of parts and began to establish a reputation for himself, appearing in films such as All in the Family and the world-famous Mission Impossible. He began to receive tremendous assignments after that, and his career soared to new heights in the 1970s.One of his most well-known roles is Lamont Sanford in the TV sitcom Sanford and Son. From 1972 until 1977, that television show aired. Unfortunately, in the latter months of 1977, their program was discontinued. Wilson shocked the world when he declared his intention to leave Hollywood and become a preacher. In the year 1984, he became a church preacher. Due to the opioids he took, he said that he had lost his enthusiasm for acting and had become highly deviated from his marital life. He established the Restoration Centre, which was later renamed Restoration House, in 1995. The main goal of the center was to re-energize those who were down on their luck and to encourage former convicts to become honest and responsible citizens.


Wilson married Cicely Johnston on May 3, 1974, to discuss about his personal life. Miss Johnston met Wilson while working as a hostess and model. The couple has been happily married for over four decades.They have a total of six children, all of whom are now adults. Wilson also acknowledged that his marriage was the nicest thing that had ever happened to him. He was addicted to substances before he married, and he spent a lot of money on them. He also revealed that his marriage had been through a lot of difficulties, but that once he became a pastor, he was able to rescue his marriage.

Demond Wilson Net Worth
Demond Wilson Net Worth

Physical Appearance

Demond Wilson, who was born on October 13, 1946, is 75 years old today, January 29, 2022. He stands 1.76 meters tall and weighs 78 kg.

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Net Worth

Wilson has undertaken significant undertakings throughout his life and made several dangerous steps in order to win recognition among common people. As of January 2022, he is predicted to have a net worth of $2 million. He required such a large sum of money from his performing career in Hollywood. He also made a lot of money once his works were released. He is currently putting his fortune to good use. Demond Wilson is one of the most well-known actors in the industry. Wilson is also noted for his acting abilities and the notable productions he worked on while in Hollywood.

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