Darrell Waltrip Net Worth

Darrell Waltrip is a well-known American sportscaster, author, and retired racing driver who has won the NASCAR Cup series three times. He has won numerous trophies, including two times the NASCAR Most Popular Driver Award and three times the National Motorsports Press Association Driver of the Year. He presently works for Fox Sports as a color analyst. Darrel has been named most popular driver twice and has been inducted into the NASCAR Motorsports Hall of Fame of America.

Darrell Waltrip Net Worth
Darrell Waltrip Net Worth

Early Life

Darrell Waltrip is Michael Waltrip’s brother and was born in Owensboro, Kentucky, in the United States. He began his driving career in go-karts when he was 12 years old, and in 1936, he and his father built a Chevrolet coupe, which he crashed into a wall and wrecked. He is a devout Christian who supports charities through Motor Racing Outreach, where he offers spiritual guidance to drivers and their families. In 1965, he graduated from Davies County High School. He became friends with Ralph Emery, a radio broadcaster, and the two forged a significant friendship as Darrell routinely appeared on Emery’s morning broadcasts on WSMV, a local Nashville television station. As a catapult into NASCAR’s major leagues, he developed public speaking abilities in the music city Motorplex through television appearances in Nashville.


He began racing at the age of twelve. Four years later, he competed in his first stock car race. They built a Chevrolet Coupe with his father in 1936, and he tested it on a dirt track near their home, hitting a wall and damaging the Coupe. He discovered his niche in asphalt tracks at the age of 25 and began a NASCAR career. He began his great career with several victories, including three consecutive NASCAR Cup Series championships (1981, 1982, and 1985), as well as series runner-up finishes (1979, 1983, and 1986). He is currently employed as a color analyst for Fox Sports and is enjoying his retirement. For his racing teams, he also serves as a commentator and analyst. Waltrip’s advocacy has earned him a sizable following around the world. He has 59 career pole positions and 84 Winston Cup victories, tying him for third all-time alongside Allison. In the 2005 Kroger 200 in Martinsville, he put an end to his racing career. He is well recognized for his work on the film Cars and for his appearance in Talladega Nights. Other endorsement arrangements included advertisements and co-writing “A Lifetime of Going Around the Circles,” a book. His total racing time is estimated to be 237,773 laps, 280,788 kilometers, and 23,134 laps led. He has competed in 809 NASCAR Cup Series races over the last 29 years, and he still retains more records.


Darell Waltrip is married to Stevie Waltrip, and the two met in their early adolescence when they were 16 and 19 years old and attending senior high school, however Darrell was focused on a racing career. Jessica Waltrip and Sarah Waltrip are their two gorgeous children, who were married in 1969. They have never divorced since they live such a wealthy lifestyle. His wife is his staunchest ally. They are the co-chairs of Motor Racing Outreach, a Christian-based group that performs chapel services for drivers, crews, and their families, as well as providing Christian literature and other assistance to the NASCAR community.

Physical Appearance

Darrell Waltrip, who was born on February 5, 1947, is 75 years old today, February 26, 2022. He stands 1.85 meters tall and weighs 95 kilograms.

Net Worth

As of February 2022, his net worth is predicted to be $30 million. His profession as a NASCAR racer has brought him a lot of money. Working as an analyst for one of the main news organizations also pays well. Throughout his career, he has also signed various brand endorsement deals. Darrell has managed to become the FOX NASCAR booth’s heart and soul. He desires to improve the world through radical social advancement, which he demonstrates by volunteering for charity and Christian-based organizations.