Craig Conover Net Worth

Craig Conover is an American television actor who appeared on the hit sitcom southern allure Craig Conover was born in the United States, on Fenwick Island. He grew up in a middle-class family before moving to South California. Craig worked in an American television show called Southern Charm is a reality television show that premiered on May 3, 2014. Craig Conover is also the owner of a cleaning service.

Craig Conover Net Worth
Craig Conover Net Worth

Early Life

Craig Conover was born on February 9, 1989, on Fenwick Island, Delaware, United States. He earned his bachelor’s degree in finance from the College of Charleston in 2009, and he later earned his law degree from the same institution. He represented children who had been removed from their families by social services in matters involving child abuse as a lawyer. During his high school years, he also received numerous accolades, including a National Championship in one of the business competitions. He was a baseball player in high school. Craig Conover also has his own cleaning service. He’s also a lawyer and a reality television star, thanks to his presence on “Southern Charm.” Craig Conover is currently single, having just broken up with his girlfriend, fellow cast member Naomie Olindo.


Craig Conover is an entrepreneur, a lawyer, and a TV actor. Craig rose to prominence in the television industry after appearing in the popular show “Southern Charm.” On March 3, 2014, he made his television debut. He also holds a degree in finance and law from the University of Charleston, where he graduated as a lawyer. Later, he worked with children who had been taken from their homes and participated in numerous social programs. He is also a member of the Triton Relief Group, and during disasters, he provides important things to individuals in need. Craig is a television actor, lawyer, and business owner. Craig also participates in a variety of social services and is a member of the Triton Relief Group, which provides needs and supplies to disaster-stricken individuals. He also defended children who had been taken from their homes and fought for them in cases of child abuse as a lawyer.


Craig Conover, Jr. is the son of Craig Conover, Sr. and Martha Foster (Mother). His father runs a cleaning company, and his mother teaches elementary school. Craig also has a soccer-playing sibling named Christopher. Craig is currently single, and recently he broke up With his fellow cast member and girlfriend Naomie Olindo. Craig and Naomie announced their engagement on April 18, 2016, but it was later called off on September 22, 2017.

Physical Appearance

Craig Conover, who was born on February 9, 1989, is 33 years old today, February 13th, 2022. He stands 1.9 meters tall and weighs 78 kilograms.

Net Worth

Craig Conover’s net worth is $500 thousand as of February 2022. He makes the most of his money from the TV show “Southern Charm,” and he also has his own cleaning service. This is his primary source of income. Craig’s profits will undoubtedly rise in the near future as he continues to work on new projects. Craig Conover is a lawyer, businessman, and television actor. He owns and operates his own cleaning company. His presence on the popular TV show “Southern Charm” catapulted him to stardom. He is also a lawyer who has represented children who have been taken from their homes. He also owns a cleaning company that was formerly owned by his father, but which he later passed on to his son Craig.