Clinton Portis Net Worth

Clinton Earl Portis is a football legend who should not be overlooked when discussing the game. He is best known for being the starter running back for the Washington Redskins for seven seasons, during which time he was named one of the 80 Greatest Redskins by a panel of celebrities. He averaged 81.2 yards rushing per game. He was once a member of the National Football League (NFL).

Clinton Portis Net Worth
Clinton Portis Net Worth

Early Life

Clint Portis and Channel Y. Hearn gave birth to Clinton Earl Portis in Laurel, Mississippi, in September 1981. Before he turned 19, his mother gave birth to two children. His father abandoned them, and his mother struggled to raise the children on her own. To make matters worse, the neighborhood where they lived was rife with pickpockets and drug dealers. Clinton’s brother was also a gifted athlete, but he developed a heroin addiction and was sentenced to prison. Clinton attended Gainesville High School before enrolling at the University of Miami, where he began his football career. He was chosen for the football team and represented the University.Portis had a lot of problems in his life. He lost many residences as a result of his financial advisors’ negligence, and he even filed for bankruptcy protection in December 2015, living in a two-bedroom apartment in 2017. He then revealed in an interview that he wished to kill his former advisers. In 2019, he was charged with filing $3.9 million in false claims to defraud the league’s health program. Later, he was accused with health-care fraud, although he pleaded not guilty.


Clinton began his football career while still in college. He was a member of the Miami Hurricanes football team at the University of Miami. Since the 1975 season, he is only the second true freshman to start at running back. With five 100-yard performances as a rookie, Portis led his team with 838 yards and eight touchdowns on 143 carries in ten games. The Broncos traded Portis to the Redskins before the 2004 season in exchange for cornerback champion Bailey and a second-round draught pick in the 2004 NFL Draft. Portis inked an eight-year, $50.5 million contract with the Redskins. Portis had a concussion in a Week 9 game against the Atlanta Falcons in 2009. As a result, he was unable to attend the game.He was later referred to a specialist and placed on injured reserve. It took four months to receive approval to return to the game. Portis was released by the Redskins in 2011 after contract re-negotiations failed and he sustained many injuries. With the retirement of Gibbs, he noticed a lack of passion in the game when he returned. Portis officially announced his retirement on August 21, 2012. On August 23, he announced his retirement. He eventually acknowledged to suffering eleven concussions. He filed a civil case against the NFL in 2013 with other former players over concussions and head injuries. Clinton Portis is a former player with the Washington Redskins of the National Football League.

Physical Appearance

Clinton Portis, who was born on September 1, 1981, is 40 years old as of today, January 28, 2022. He stands 180 centimeters tall and weighs 101 kilograms.

Net Worth

He has a net worth of $6 million as of January 2022. He began his football career as a member of the Miami University football team while in college. Clinton Portis is the epitome of sportsmanship, exemplifying the term with his own life. His difficult childhood was one of many challenges he endured throughout his life. Because he was born into a lower-class family, he witnessed his mother’s struggles. He chose football and gave it his all, bringing honor to the game. He was facing a slew of allegations, including health-care fraud, but he refused to give up and persevered with greater zeal. He had a number of health concerns, which forced him to retire. Despite all of his opponents, he remains committed to the game.