Bill Goldberg Net Worth

Bill Goldberg is an actor and retired wrestler from the United States. He was also a professional football player. He’s also a former mixed martial arts color commentator who was quite prominent at the time. In the late 1990s, he was a well-known classic wrestler and an outstanding public face of World Championship Wrestling. In WCW, he made a name for himself with an extremely long undefeated singles streak, which was touted to be the longest victory streak in professional wrestling until 2017.

Bill Goldberg Net Worth
Bill Goldberg Net Worth

Early Life

Bill Goldberg’s real name is William Scott Goldberg. He was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on December 27, 1966, and graduated from Tulsa Edison High School. At the age of 16, he was a bouncer, a skill he gained early in life thanks to his love of football.


Goldberg’s wrestling career began when Lex Luger and Sting felt compelled to try professional wrestling. He, on the other hand, lacked his wrestling drive. He chose it as a substitute for his football career and began his training at the WCW Power Plant. He made five appearances, all of which were initially met with failure. His undefeated record from 1997 to 1998 was a huge boost for his wrestling career. In actuality, he was drafted as a singles wrestler. Brad Armstrong was defeated by Goldberg in Super Brawl VII in 1998, while Perry Saturn was flattened in Spring Stampede in 1999. In March 2003, Goldberg signed a one-year contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. He opened the event with the famed Rock of the time, who was wearing an outstanding spear. Goldberg’s most notable achievement is his debut on “Raw,” where he went undefeated for a half-year. Goldberg’s return to professional wrestling in 2015 at the Legends Wrestling Show at Citi Field in New York was an outstanding dash that drew the majority of his supporters to the platform. For the second time, he returned to professional wrestling for the Legends of Wrestling event in Miami. Both of these comebacks hit notable wrestlers like Scott Steiner and Chavo Guerrero with a spectacular and timed spear.


On April 10th, 2005, Goldberg married Wanda Ferraton, whom he met while filming Santa’s Slay, and the couple is raising their only son Gage in a fantabulous and classic existence.

Physical Appearance

Bill Goldberg, who was born on December 27, 1966, is 55 years old today, March 01, 2022. He has a height of 1.93 meters and a weight of 121 kg.

Net Worth

Bill Goldberg’s net worth is projected to be $18 million as of March 2022. Goldberg’s mansion, which is located in California, is currently valued at $2,500,000. It’s worth noting that his initial WWE deal is worth around $1,000,000. Because he is a die-hard football fan, the majority of his earnings come from his wrestling accomplishments. In comparison, his earnings from his acting and football careers are lower. Goldberg is one of the best instances of someone who works really hard. Professional wrestling, on the other hand, was not his thing. His first five appearances were all failures, but after that he only had success. This is such a unique opportunity in a person’s life, and he consistently demonstrated his excellence by being dedicated to his profession, whether it was a match or an entertainment presentation.