Anna Wintour Net Worth

Anna Wintour is a British-American writer and editor who is most well-known for being the current editor-in-chief of the magazine Vogue: She has a highly desired position in the magazine publishing business.

Anna Wintour Net Worth
Anna Wintour Net Worth

Early Life

Dame Anna Wintour DBE, better known as Anna Wintour, was born in Hampstead, London, on November 3, 1949. Her father, Charles Wintour, was the editor of the ‘Evening Standard,’ and her mother, Eleanor Trego Baker, was a prominent Harvard Law professor’s daughter. Anna’s mother was from the United States, and her parents separated when she was thirty years old. Anna hails from a family of powerful people. Her great-great-great-grandmother was Lady Elizabeth Foster, Duchess of Devonshire. Audrey Slaughter is her stepmother, a magazine editor and the originator of magazines such as ‘Honey’ and ‘Petticoat.’ Her oldest brother died in a vehicle accident while he was a child, and she grew up with four siblings. Anna attended the North London Collegiate School, which is an independent school in North London.She was very fashion-conscious, and she regularly defied the clothing rules. She chose to abandon her studies and drop out due to her developing passion in fashion. She got herself enrolled in a ‘Harrods’ training program. Anna had always loved the affluent London lifestyle and joined it when she was fifteen years old. ‘Ready Steady Go!,’ where Anna liked Cathy McGowan, was one of the shows that motivated Anna to pursue a career in fashion, as were the fashion magazines that her grandmother used to give her from America.

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Anna Wintour’s first job was as an editorial assistant at the ‘Harper’s & Queen’, J magazine. Her strong network came in useful when she was given the opportunity to collaborate with pioneering photographers such as Jim Lee and Helmut Newton. She abandoned her position at Harper’s & Queen after a few months and moved to New York, where she began working with one of her boyfriends, a freelance journalist. Anna began working at Harper’s Bazaar as a junior fashion editor, but was sacked after nine months. She acquired a job at an adult magazine with the aid of her lover, but the publication was closed down.She soon became the fashion editor of the magazine ‘Savvy,’ and then began working as a fashion editor for ‘New York.’ She learnt a lot about fashion editing here, under the direction of Edward Kosner. Three years later, she was hired by the American magazine ‘Vogue.’ She rose through the ranks of the British ‘Vogue’ magazine to become the creative director and chief editor. Anna joined ‘Home and Garden’ after two years at Vogue. She was given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in 1988. Anna returned to New York as the editor-in-chief of American Vogue.Anna rose to prominence in the fashion industry and was rewarded for her efforts when she was named artistic director of the publisher of “Vogue,” ‘Conde Nast,’ while continuing to work for ‘Vogue.’ Anna also appeared in the documentary The Fashion Fund, which was broadcast on ‘Ovation TV.


Anna was a driven young woman who began dating older guys with strong connections. When she was younger, she dated historian and author Piers Paul. She is married to David Shafter, a child psychiatrist, and they have two children together. The couple split after fifteen years of marriage due to personal disagreements.

Anna Wintour Net Worth
Anna Wintour Net Worth

Physical Appearance

Anna Wintour, who was born on November 3, 1949, is 72 years old today, January 25, 2022. Her height is 1.7 meters and her weight is 61 kg.

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Net Worth

Anna Wintour’s net worth is believed to be over $40 million as of January 2022. Her revenues from her contributions to the world of fashion have been her primary source of income. Anna is said to be paid roughly $2 million each year, according to sources. Anna Wintour is a driven woman who has made the most of every opportunity to attain her current level of achievement. She is one of the most powerful people in the fashion industry, and she has aided new designers in realizing their ambitions. Even at the age of 68, she is still working and inspiring others with her abilities.

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