Alex Wassabi Net Worth

Alex Wassabi is the stage name of Alex Burris, a YouTuber from the United States. He is well-known as the second half of the Wassabi Productions pair in charge of production. Rio Fabito was the production’s other member. In January 2006, the two launched their YouTube channel, which now has over 11.5 million members. Rio departed Wassabi Productions in 2016, and the channel is now known as Wassabi.

Alex Wassabi Net Worth
Alex Wassabi Net Worth

Early Life

Alex Burris is a YouTuber who was born on March 28, 1990, in Montana, United States. He is of Filipino ancestry, and no information about his parents or early upbringing exists. He was born into a household of four siblings, with Mariah as his sister and Andrew and Aaron as his brothers. His brothers are also well-known web video stars. There isn’t much information about Alex’s educational background, however he did attend a high school in Durham, North Carolina. There is no information on whether he attended college after graduating from high school.


Alex teamed up with his long-time friend Rio Fabito and began filming videos with Rio’s camera, which they later showed to their families while they were still young. Wasabi Productions, their YouTube channel, was launched in January 2006. They began by creating amusing parodies of music videos and publishing them on their channel, which quickly grew in popularity. Alex started working at Vine in 2013, and in May of that year, he posted his debut video. Things did not go as planned, and he eventually left Vine to focus solely on his YouTube channel. In November 2010, he launched a new channel with the same name. The channel has also attracted a large number of subscribers, with over 360 million views and 2.65 million subscribers. Rio Fabio quit Wassabi Productions in 2006 after being the other member of the group. This was ten years later, and he expressed his dissatisfaction with the Wassabi duet. His departure had little impact on the channel because Alex managed to keep it on the run. He eventually changed the channel’s name to Wassabi. The channel currently has over 4.5 billion views and over 11.5 subscribers. The most popular video on the channel was “Carly Rae Jepsen CALL ME MAYBE-Rolanda & Richard,” which was uploaded in April 2012. The video has been seen more than 135 million times. Alex has also put his acting chops to the test with roles in the films Laid in America and Aeroplane Mode. He also appeared in Nickelodeon’s Light as a Feather and season two of the television series Middle School Moguls.


Alex is not married or in a committed relationship at the moment. For three years, he was in a relationship with fellow YouTuber Lauren Riihimaki. They first met in New York in 2015, and their relationship ended in September 2018. In 2019, Alex found love once more in the arms of Patricia Caeli Santa Olalla Lopez, another YouTuber. Lopez, who is Mexican, has a YouTube channel with over 16.2 million subscribers. After a brief time together, the two broke up. Alex was diagnosed with a disease when he was a small boy that makes it difficult for him to consider before acting, keeping still, and focusing. ADHD is the common name for the condition. As a token of his thanks and appreciation, he purchased a home for his entire family in 2017.

Physical Appearance

Alex Wassabi, who was born on March 28, 1990, is 31 years old today, February 9, 2022. He stands 1.75 meters tall and weighs 60 kilograms.

Net Worth

Alex Wassabi’s overall net worth is predicted to be $10 million as of February 2022. His success as a YouTuber is the only reason for his fortune. On his YouTube channel, he gets a lot of money from sponsors and commercials, and he also sells some products. He reportedly spent a lot of money on a house for his family in 2017. Alex Wassabi began his career as a YouTube personality while still in high school, alongside a childhood buddy. He honed his skills as a teenager and went on to become one of the most well-known YouTubers of all time. Even after his Wassabi Productions partner left, his channel has continued to expand. Through his videos, he appears to be adamant about keeping his YouTube channel among the best.