Alex Lagina Net Worth

Alex Lagina is an engineer, businessman, and reality television personality who is best known for being one of the cast members of the reality television show “The Curse of Oak Island.” He was born in 1987 in Traverse, Michigan, and is best known for being one of the cast members of the reality television show “The Curse of Oak Island.” His father, Marty Lagina, and uncle, Rick Lagina, star in the show as they strive to learn more about the secrets of Oak Island.

Early Life

Lex grew up with a sister and is the son of Marty and his wife M. Olivia Lagina. Both of his parents have a background in engineering. Traverse City, Michigan is where the family calls home. While details concerning his education are scarce, it is known that after graduating from high school, he enrolled at the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering, following in his parents’ footsteps.

He graduated in 2008 and returned home to assist his family with their business. After reading a 1965 issue of “Reader’s Digest” about the inquiry into the so-called Oak Island Money Pit, his father became fascinated with the island. His father was a wealthy businessman who founded Terra Energy, an oil and gas exploration company that he eventually sold for $60 million to CMS Energy. Following that, he and Alex’s uncle Rick decided to buy a controlling stake in Oak Island Tours, which currently owns the majority of the island. The cost of acquiring the interest has never been made public.


Alex Lagina has not yet married, and no information about his private intimate relationships is available. All other speculations concerning his marital status are just that: speculations. He is, however, in a relationship with Katherine E Sneed. His partner is a fashion blogger and Instagram influencer. The pair frequently posts pictures of their vacations on social media. Wine, oysters, spaghetti, and British television are all favorites of theirs. He doesn’t appear to have any other romantic relationships besides his fashion blogger girlfriend.

Katherine E Sneed


He is quite close to his family and shares their enthusiasm for Oak Island, even going so far as to say that the island is a complex technical challenge. He also manages the trips on the island for the Oak Island Tours Company. The family also constructed a museum there, which houses artefacts retrieved from the island, though photography is prohibited inside. The family still owns and operates the Villa Mari Vineyard in Traverse City, Michigan, where Alex serves as general manager. His father is also a wine aficionado, which explains the family business. The family also owns a huge wind turbine company, which is regarded as the largest in Michigan, and Alex contributes to the management of that company. The family takes time off from work and can be spotted at a variety of activities throughout the state, including major sporting events.


Alex Lagina’s fortune may be traced back to his father, who made him General Manager of Mari Vineyards. Alex Lagina’s net worth is estimated to be over $50 million. He is anticipated to enhance his net worth in the near future as he continues his career.